„A story is told according to which Saint-Pol-Roux, in times gone by, used to have a notice posted on the door of his manor house in Camaret, every evening before he went to sleep, which read: ‘THE POET IS WORKING’.“

André Breton photo
André Breton9
1896 - 1966

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„But what gave him the most satisfaction was going back through the pages to read about his first story appearing in the Saturday Evening Post.“

—  Patricia Reilly Giff American children's writer 1935

That afternoon he'd bought Bird the largest bag of lemon drops he could find.
"He gives her candy," she had said, remembering too.
Fonte: Water Street (2006), Epilogue, p. 164 (closing words); reference to quote from Chapter 11

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„In his house he had a large looking-glass, before which he would stand and go through his exercises.“

—  Plutarch ancient Greek historian and philosopher 46 - 127

Life of Demosthenes
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)

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„Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind.“

—  Miguel de Cervantes Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright 1547 - 1616

Y así, del poco dormir y del mucho leer, se le secó el cerebro, de manera que vino a perder el juicio.
Fonte: Don Quixote de la Mancha (1605–1615), Part I, Book I, Ch. 1 (tr. Samuel Putnam).

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„The Magician must be wary in his use of his powers; he must make every act not only accord with his Will, but with the properties of his position at the time.“

—  Aleister Crowley poet, mountaineer, occultist 1875 - 1947

Appendix VI : A few principal rituals – Liber Reguli.
Magick Book IV : Liber ABA, Part III : Magick in Theory and Practice (1929)
Contexto: The Magician must be wary in his use of his powers; he must make every act not only accord with his Will, but with the properties of his position at the time. It might be my Will to reach the foot of a cliff; but the easiest way — also the speediest, most direct least obstructed, the way of minimum effort — would be simply to jump. I should have destroyed my Will in the act of fulfilling it, or what I mistook for it; for the True Will has no goal; its nature being To Go.

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„Rilke used to say that no poet would mind going to gaol, since he would at least have time to explore the treasure house of his memory. In many respects Rilke was a prick.“

—  Clive James Australian author, critic, broadcaster, poet, translator and memoirist 1939 - 2019

From the preface, p. 9
Memoirs, Unreliable Memoirs (1980)

„I learned my trade by going out every evening as a young man," he told art historian Rosamond Bernier. "I went to every pretty house in France and Italy and other places too, and I remembered them all, even down to what was on each little table.“

—  Vincent Fourcade French artist 1934 - 1992

"Vincent Fourcade - CELEBRATING THE PLEASURES OF MAGNIFICENT EXCESS", by Mitchell Owens, Architectural Digest, January 2000, v. 57 #1, p. 169 – one of twenty five persons named by the magazine "Interior Design Legends".

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„People who have been made to suffer by certain things cannot be reminded of them without a horror which paralyses every other pleasure, even that to be found in reading a story.“

—  Stendhal, livro The Red and the Black

Les contemporains qui souffrent de certaines choses ne peuvent s'en souvenir qu'avec une horreur qui paralyse tout autre plaisir, même celui de lire un conte.
Vol. I, ch. XXVII
Le Rouge et le Noir (The Red and the Black) (1830)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“