„Saying that what we call our “selves” consist only of our bodies and that reason, soul, and love arise only from the body, is like saying that what we call our body is equivalent to the food that feeds the body. It is true that my body is only made up of digested food and that my body would not exist without food, but my body is not the same as food. Food is what the body needs for life, but it is not the body itself. The same thing is true of my soul. It is true that without my body there would not be that which I call my soul, but my soul is not my body. The soul may need the body, but the body is not the soul.“

—  Liev Tolstói, p. 12
Liev Tolstói photo
Liev Tolstói164
1828 - 1910

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„You can kill my body, but you can't kill my soul. My soul will live forever!“

—  Huey P. Newton Co-founder of the Black Panther Party 1942 - 1989
Last words, quoted in Hugh Pearsons (1994) The Shadow of the Panther, p. 315

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„Hindu body and soul, Hindu life, in every pore my identity is of a Hindu“

—  Atal Bihari Vajpayee 10th Prime Minister of India 1924
His poem quoted in "The truth according to Vajpayee".

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