„Jioji Kotobalavu, chief executive in the office of the Prime Minister: "What kind of question is that?" (21 July 2005, in reaction to Nailatikau's accusation that the government was incapable of functioning without perpetrators of the 2000 coup).“

Koila Nailatikau photo
Koila Nailatikau24
Fijian politician 1953

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Koila Nailatikau photo

„I have one question for the Government, why can't it function without the coup perpetrators?“

—  Koila Nailatikau Fijian politician 1953
On the government's proposed Reconciliation and Unity Commission, 21 July, 2005, 21 July 2005

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„[Congress] is not the British Parliament, and I hope it never will become the British Parliament… Are we going to bring the president in here and have a question period like the prime minister has in Great Britain?“

—  Trent Lott United States Senator from Mississippi 1941
2000s, On whether to hold a "vote of no confidence" in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, as quoted in Dana Milbank, " A Jolly Good Show, but the Wrong Side of the Pond http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/06/11/AR2007061102092.html" The Washington Post 2007-06-12.

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„Science is incapable of supplying answers to ultimate questions about why things exist and what their purpose is.“

—  Nicola Cabibbo Italian physicist 1935 - 2010
interview by John L. Allen, Jr. on July 18, 2005, National Catholic Reporter (July 21, 2005) http://www.natcath.org/mainpage/specialdocuments/cabibbo.htm

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„Everybody is for peace. The question is: "What kind of peace?"“

—  Noam Chomsky american linguist, philosopher and activist 1928
Quotes 1960s-1980s, 1980s, Talk at University of California, Berkeley, 1984, Context: Of course, everybody says they're for peace. Hitler was for peace. Everybody is for peace. The question is: "What kind of peace?"

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„What I have now offered is meant merely for the sake of my country, for the simple question is: will you change your Ministers and keep the Empire, or keep your Ministers and lose the Kingdom?“

—  William Pitt the Younger British politician 1759 - 1806
William Cobbett, "Parliamentary History". Speech in the House of Commons, supporting a motion of censure on the government of Lord North, 15 March 1782.

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