„I don't want to come off like the jealous brother who wasn't getting the attention, but it was like no one was really into me anyway. I wasn't really a priority.“

—  Jack Osbourne, MTV.com Jack Talks About His Addiction and Recovery

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„I wasn't really dead.“

—  Paul McCartney English singer-songwriter and composer 1942
"The Chris Farley Show" sketch on Saturday Night Live, regarding the Paul is Dead hoax.

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„There wasn't any pitcher I felt I couldn't get a hit off.“

—  Hank Aaron Retired American baseball player 1934
As quoted in The Greatest Team of All Time: As Selected by Baseball's Immortals, from Ty Cobb to Willie Mays (1994), compiled by Nicholas Acoccella and Donald Dewey, p. 3

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„I don't like improvisation. I really don't.“

—  Michelle Pfeiffer American actress 1958
Context: I don't like improvisation. I really don't. I'm the only one that will admit it. Because I think people think you're not a real actor if you don't like to improv. I don't like it. Inside the Actors Studio (2007) http://uk.youtube.com/user/pfeifferpfan2