„It is a callous age; we have seen so many marvels that we are ashamed to marvel more; the seven wonders of the world have become seven thousand wonders.“

—  L. Frank Baum, "Julius Caesar: An Appreciation of the Hollywood Production" in The Mercury (15 June 1916)
L. Frank Baum photo
L. Frank Baum7
1856 - 1919

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„The last 60 years have seen collapse of many democracies. For a poor country, it is more difficult to sustain a democracy. From poverty, we have come to being a developing nation. Not only did we survive, we have the distinction of becoming world’s largest democracy.“

—  Arun Jaitley Indian politician 1952
On the occasion of the Indian Parliament completing 60 years, as quoted in " Democracy is behind our growing global stature says PM http://www.abplive.in/india-news/democracy-is-behind-our-growing-global-stature-says-pm-153064", ABP Live (13 May 2012)

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„At no time has the world been without war. Not in seven or ten or twenty thousand years.“

—  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Russian writer 1918 - 2008
Context: At no time has the world been without war. Not in seven or ten or twenty thousand years. Neither the wisest of leaders, nor the noblest of kings, nor yet the Church — none of them has been able to stop it. And don't succumb to the facile belief that wars will be stopped by hotheaded socialists. Or that rational and just wars can be sorted out from the rest. There will always be thousands of thousands to whom even such a war will be senseless and unjustified. Quite simply, no state can live without war, that is one of the state's essential functions. … War is the price we pay for living in a state. Before you can abolish war you will have to abolish all states. But that is unthinkable until the propensity to violence and evil is rooted out of human beings. The state was created to protect us from evil. In ordinary life thousands of bad impulses, from a thousand foci of evil, move chaotically, randomly, against the vulnerable. The state is called upon to check these impulses — but it generates others of its own, still more powerful, and this time one-directional. At times it throws them all in a single direction — and that is war. "Father Severyan", in November 1916: The Red Wheel: Knot II (1984; translation 1999).

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„We should be wondering tonight, "Is there a world?"“

—  Jack Kerouac American writer 1922 - 1969
Context: We should be wondering tonight, "Is there a world?" But I could go and talk on 5, 10, 20 minutes about is there a world, because there is really no world, cause sometimes I'm walkin' on the ground and I see right through the ground. And there is no world. And you'll find out. "Is There A Beat Generation?" forum at Hunter College, New York, New York (8 November 1958)

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„This miracle of analysis, this marvel of the world of ideas, an almost amphibian object between Being and Non-being that we call the imaginary number.“

—  Gottfried Leibniz German mathematician and philosopher 1646 - 1716
Quoted in Singularités : individus et relations dans le système de Leibniz (2003) by Christiane Frémont

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„We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.“

—  Jawaharlal Nehru Indian lawyer, statesman, and writer, first Prime Minister of India 1889 - 1964
As quoted in Building A Life Of Value : Timeless Wisdom to Inspire and Empower Us (2005) by Jason A. Merchey, p. 74

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„Future ages will wonder at us, as the present age wonders at us now.“

—  Pericles Greek statesman, orator, and general of Athens -494 - -429 a.C.
Context: Future ages will wonder at us, as the present age wonders at us now. We do not need the praises of a Homer, or of anyone else whose words may delight us for the moment, but the estimation of facts will fall short of what is really true. As quoted in Eternal Greece (1961) by Rex Warner, p. 34