„Poetry has this much, at least, in common with religion, that its standards were fixed long ago, by certain inspired writers, whose authority it is no longer lawful to call in question; and that many profess to be entirely devoted to it, who have no good works to produce in support of their pretensions. The catholic poetical church, too, has worked but few miracles since the first ages of its establishment; and has been more prolific, for a long time, of doctors than of saints: It has had its corruptions, and reformation also, and has given birth to an infinite variety of heresies and errors, the followers of which have hated and persecuted each other as cordially as other bigots.“

Review of Robert Southey's Thalaba the Destroyer, in the Edinburgh Review (October 1802)

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Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey photo
Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey4
British politician 1773 - 1850

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„Somebody asked me the question not too long ago: 'Dave, do you think the music business has turned corrupt'. I said: 'Absolutely not - it has always been corrupt.“

—  David Lee Roth Rock vocalist; lead singer with Van Halen 1954

Brett Thomas (October 16, 1988) "Roth 'N' Roll: Flashy - But David's A Shrewd Businessman", The Sun-Herald, Section: News and Features, p. 25.

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„A church has the right to set its own standards within its community. I don't think it has a right to prohibit birth control or to enforce upon a secular society its conception of divorce“

—  Reinhold Niebuhr American protestant theologian 1892 - 1971

The Mike Wallace Interview (1958)
Contexto: The separation of church and state is necessary partly because if religion is good then the state shouldn't interfere with the religious vision or with the religious prophet. There must be a realm of truth beyond political competence, that's why there must be a separation of churches, but if religion is bad and a bad religion is one that gives an ultimate sanctity to some particular cause. Then religion mustn't interfere with the state — so one of the basic Democratic principles as we know it in America is the separation of church and state. … A church has the right to set its own standards within its community. I don't think it has a right to prohibit birth control or to enforce upon a secular society its conception of divorce and the indissolubility of the marriage tie.

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„Woman throughout the ages has been mistress to the law, as man has been its master.“

—  Freda Adler Criminologist, educator 1934

Fonte: Sisters in Crime: The Rise of the New Female Criminal (1975), P. 203.

„It's often been observed that the first casualty of war is the truth. But that's a lie, too, in its way. The reality is that, for most wars to begin, the truth has to have been sacrificed a long time in advance.“

—  L. Neil Smith American writer 1946

"Empire of Lies" Presented to the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 15 June 2003 http://www.ncc-1776.org/tle2003/libe228-20030622-01.html.

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„A resume of the work that has already been done has perhaps its value at the present time.“

—  June Downey American psychologist 1875 - 1932

August 1909, Popular Science Monthly Volume 75, Article:"The Varificational Factor in Handwriting", p. 148
about Handwriting

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