„Oh, I would probably have raised more hell.“

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Ann Richards
1933 - 2006

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„I have suffered from being misunderstood, but I would have suffered a hell of a lot more if I had been understood.“

—  Clarence Darrow American lawyer and leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union 1857 - 1938
As quoted in Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do" by Peter McWilliams, from 2000 Years of Disbelief (1996) edited by James A Haught p. 817

Isaac Asimov photo

„I don't believe in an afterlife, so I don't have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popular … 1920 - 1992
As quoted in Philosophy on the Go (2007) by Joey Green, p. 222

Doris Haddock photo

„I, for one, am certainly going to continue to raise a little hell.“

—  Doris Haddock American political activist 1910 - 2010
Discussing her post-election life in her documentary.

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Alexander Suvorov photo

„If we had not driven them into hell... hell would have swallowed us.“

—  Alexander Suvorov Russian military commander 1953 - 1800
About the Battle of Kinburn, 1787, from "The Book of Military Quotations" By Peter G. Tsouras - Page 138.

Philip Sheridan photo

„If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell.“

—  Philip Sheridan United States Army general 1831 - 1888
Many newspapers stated that he had said this, and later on in his life he repeated it in variations. http://the-american-catholic.com/2010/04/30/sheridan-hell-and-texas/

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Ray Bradbury photo

„To hell with more. I want better.“

—  Ray Bradbury American writer 1920 - 2012
Context: People ask me to predict the future, when all I want to do is prevent it. Better yet, build it. Predicting the future is much too easy, anyway. You look at the people around you, the street you stand on, the visible air you breathe, and predict more of the same. To hell with more. I want better. Beyond 1984: The People Machines (1979)

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Blaise Pascal photo

„I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise.“

—  Blaise Pascal French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, and Christian philosopher 1623 - 1662

Manuel L. Quezon photo

„I would rather have a government run like hell by Filipinos than a government run like heaven by any foreigner.“

—  Manuel L. Quezon president of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944 1878 - 1944
Context: It is true, and I am proud of it, that I once said, “I would rather have a government run like hell by Filipinos than a government run like heaven by Americans.” I want to tell you that I have, in my life, made no other remark which went around the world but that. There had been no paper in the United States, including a village paper, which did not print that statement, and I also had seen it printed in many newspapers in Europe. I would rather have a government run like hell by Filipinos than a government run like heaven by any foreigner. I said that once; I say it again, and I will always say it as long as I live. Speech on Civil Liberties http://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/1939/12/09/speech-of-president-quezon-on-civil-liberties-december-9-1939/, delivered on the occasion of the interuniversity oratorical contest held under the auspices of the Civil Liberties Union at the Ateneo auditorium, Manila, on December 9, 1939