„If Brideshead Revisited is not a great book, it's so like a great book that many of us, at least while reading it, find it hard to tell the difference.“

—  Clive James, 'Borgias on my mind'
Clive James149
Australian author, critic, broadcaster, poet, translator ... 1939

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„A book read by a thousand different people is a thousand different books.“

—  Andrei Tarkovsky Soviet and Russian film-maker, writer, film editor, film theorist, theatre and opera director 1932 - 1986
p. 177

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„We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.“

—  B.F. Skinner American behaviorist 1904 - 1990
Context: We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading. Knowing the contents of a few works of literature is a trivial achievement. Being inclined to go on reading is a great achievement. As quoted in B. F. Skinner : The Man and His Ideas (1968) by Richard Isadore Evans, p. 73.

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