„It will all come back — the wasted splendor,
The heart's lost youth like a breaking flower,
The dauntless dare, and the wistful, tender
Touch of the April hour.“

—  Edwin Markham, III
Edwin Markham photo
Edwin Markham26
American poet 1852 - 1940

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 Virgil photo

„Now, Aeneas, is the hour for courage, now for a dauntless heart!“

—  Virgil Ancient Roman poet -70 - -19 a.C.
Line 261 (tr. Fairclough); Sibyl's words to Aeneas as they enter the underworld.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson photo

„My heart is like the willow
That bends, but never breaks.
It sighs when summer jilts her,
It sings when April wakes.“

—  Yip Harburg American song lyricist 1896 - 1981
Context: My heart is like the willow That bends, but never breaks. It sighs when summer jilts her, It sings when April wakes. So you, who come a-smiling With summer in your eyes, Think not that your beguiling Will take me by surprise. My heart's prepared for aching The moment you take wing. But not, my friend, for breaking While there's another spring. "Irreverent Heart"

Thomas Moore photo
Letitia Elizabeth Landon photo

„And this is woman's fate:
All her affections are called into life
By winning flatteries, and then thrown back
Upon themselves to perish; and her heart,
Her trusting heart, filled with weak tenderness,
Is left to bleed or break!“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838
The Castilian Nuptuals from The London Literary Gazette (28th September 1822) Poetical Sketches. 3rd series - Sketch the Fourth

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Hermann Hesse photo
Daniel O'Connell photo

„My days – the blossom of my youth and the flower of my manhood – have been darkened by the dreariness of servitude. In this my native land – in the land of my sires – I am degraded without fault as an alien and an outcast.“

—  Daniel O'Connell Irish political leader 1775 - 1847
July 1812, aged 37, reflecting on the failure to secure equal rights or Catholic Emancipation for Catholics in Ireland. Quoted from Vol I, p. 185, of O'Connell, J. (ed.) The Life and Speeches of Daniel O'Connell, 2 Vols, Dublin, 1846)

 Terence photo

„The very flower of youth.“

—  Terence Roman comic playwright -185 - -159 a.C.
Act II, scene 3, 28, line 319.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald photo
Charles Darwin photo

„A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.“

—  Charles Darwin, The Life & Letters of Charles Darwin
volume I, chapter VI: "The Voyage", page 266 http://darwin-online.org.uk/content/frameset?pageseq=284&itemID=F1452.1&viewtype=image; letter to sister Susan Elizabeth Darwin (4 August 1836)

Robert Frost photo

„She drew back; he was calm
"It is this that had the power,"
And he lashed his open palm
With the tender-headed flower.“

—  Robert Frost American poet 1874 - 1963
" The Subverted Flower http://www.andrews.edu/~spangles/life/poet/x.htm"