„What is happening and what may happen in the Nagorno-Karabakh and all the occupied lands is our internal affair. No international organization or country can interfere with our internal affair“

—  Ilham Aliyev, Nagorno-Karabakh, While receiving a group of servicemen on the anniversary of the April victories of the Azerbaijani army (31 March 2017) http://en.apa.az/nagorno_karabakh/ilham-aliyev-nagorno-karabakh-conflict-is-azerbaijan-s-internal-affair.html

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Vladimir Putin photo

„Not everyone likes the stable, gradual rise of our country. There are some who are using the democratic ideology to interfere in our internal affairs.“

—  Vladimir Putin President of Russia, former Prime Minister 1952
2006- 2010, Putin attacks 'foreign meddlers' http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6594379.stm 26 April 2007

Nicolae Ceaușescu photo
Saddam Hussein photo
Mohsen Rezaee photo

„The existence of such an [international Islamic] army rules out the superpowers' interference in disputes among Muslim countries.“

—  Mohsen Rezaee Iranian politician & Senior Military 1954
of Islamic Culture and Guidance An "International Islamic Army http://islamic-fundamentalism.info/chIX.htm#Ministry, Ettela'at, Tehran, 7 August 1991

Mahinda Rajapaksa photo

„All international laws are made by big, powerful countries but applied only on weaker ones like ours.“

—  Mahinda Rajapaksa Prime Minister of Sri Lanka 1945
Interview with Hindustan Times http://www.hindustantimes.com/comment/interviewsnews/full-text-of-ht-s-exclusive-interview-with-lankan-president-rajapaksa/article1-1123091.aspx, September 17, 2013.

Robert H. Jackson photo
Maithripala Sirisena photo

„I will never agree to international involvement in this matter. We have more than enough specialists, experts and knowledgeable people in our country to solve our internal issues. This investigation should be internal and indigenous, without violating the laws of the country and I believe in the judicial system and other relevant authorities in this regard. The international community need not worry about matters of state interest“

—  Maithripala Sirisena Sri Lankan politician, 7th President of Sri Lanka 1951
Talking to BBC Sinhala Service about a proposed investigation into allegations on war crimes, quoted on Daily Mirror.lk (February 5, 2016), "The international community need not worry about matters of state interest”- President Sirisena" http://www.dailymirror.lk/104990/The-international-community-need-not-worry-about-matters-of-state-interest-President-Sirisena-

Clement Attlee photo

„I take it to be a fundamental assumption that whatever post-war international organisation is established, it will be our aim to maintain the British Commonwealth as an international entity, recognised as such by foreign countries. … If we are to carry our full weight in the post-war world with the US and USSR, it can only be as a united British Commonwealth.“

—  Clement Attlee Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1883 - 1967
War Cabinet, 'The Relations of the British Commonwealth to the Post-War International Political Organisation' (June 1943), quoted in Correlli Barnett, The Lost Victory: British Dreams, British Realities 1945–1950 (Pan, 1995), p. 51.

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Nicolás Maduro photo
James Meade photo
John Bright photo
Joseph Stalin photo
Nelson Mandela photo
Fukuzawa Yukichi photo

„Whatever happens in the country, whatever warfare harasses our land, we will never relinquish our hold on Western learning.“

—  Fukuzawa Yukichi Japanese author, writer, teacher, translator, entrepreneur and journalist who founded Keio University 1835 - 1901
Context: Whatever happens in the country, whatever warfare harasses our land, we will never relinquish our hold on Western learning. As long as this school of ours stands, Japan remains a civilized nation of the world. Ch. X.

V. P. Singh photo
Albert Einstein photo

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“