„She had not won a clean victory. Tinkering with time and history offended her political sensibilities. History was written in the stones. It was not a numinous thing to be tossed sparkling in the air to lie where it fell. She did not like to think of her life and world as a mere mutability of potentials.“

—  Ian McDonald, livro Desolation Road

Fonte: Desolation Road (1988), Chapter 64 (p. 327).

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„Nature wronged her in making her a woman. But for her sex she could have surpassed all the heros of history.“

—  Catherine of Aragon first wife of Henry VIII of England (1485–1536) 1485 - 1536

Thomas Cromwell — quoted in Alison Weir (1991). The Six Wives of Henry VIII. ISBN 0802136834, p. 197

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„She's mad, but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire.“

—  Charles Bukowski American writer 1920 - 1994

Variante: she’s mad, but she’s magic.

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