„Hereupon Juno and Pallas leap sheer down from the sky upon the rocks; this one the daughter of Jove, that one his spouse constrains.“
Hic Iuno praecepsque ex aethere Pallas insiliunt pariter scopulos: hunc nata coercet, hunc coniunx Iovis.

—  Caio Valério Flaco, Lines 682–684

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„Daughter of Jove, relentless power,
Thou tamer of the human breast,
Whose iron scourge and tort'ring hour
The bad affright, afflict the best!“

—  Thomas Gray English poet, historian 1716 - 1771
Hymn to Adversity http://www.thomasgray.org/cgi-bin/display.cgi?text=otad, St. 1 (1742)

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„There is only one way to make money at writing, and that is to marry a publisher's daughter.“

—  George Orwell English author and journalist 1903 - 1950
Ch. 4; a record of a remark by Orwell's fellow tramp Boris

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„I will not listen to childcare lectures from a man who put his daughter in a box and shipped her to Maine.“

—  Jane Espenson American television writer and producer 1964
Lines written for Regina (the Evil Queen) to David Nolan (Prince Charming), in the "We Are Both" episode of Once Upon a Time (7 October 2012)

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