„The Pobble who has no toes
Had once as many as we;
When they said, "Some day you may lose them all;"—
He replied, — "Fish fiddle de-dee!"“

— Edward Lear, The Pobble Who Has No Toes http://www.nonsenselit.org/Lear/ll/pobble.html, st. 1 (1877).
Edward Lear photo
Edward Lear
1812 - 1888

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„When some one boasted that at the Pythian games he had vanquished men, Diogenes replied, "Nay, I defeat men, you defeat slaves."“

— Diogenes of Sinope ancient Greek philosopher, one of the founders of the Cynic philosophy -404 - -322 a.C.
Diogenes Laërtius, vi. 33, 43

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„[Nehru once told Mookerjee: "We will crush you!"... He replied:] We will crush this crushing mentality.“

— Syama Prasad Mookerjee Indian politician 1901 - 1953
Cited by A.B. Vajpayee and quoted from Elst, Koenraad (2001). Decolonizing the Hindu mind: Ideological development of Hindu revivalism. New Delhi: Rupa. p.158

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