„People look at your life and see things as a big deal that aren't a big deal to you. What I mean is, the chapter breaks are different for me. I'll read about my divorce, and what people think about it, and, well, it's so inaccurate, usually, but the fact is, I wouldn't want it to be accurate. Because it's my truth. When I was younger, it was more important to me to come off well. Now, I just want to try to be good at what I do.“

—  Ethan Hawke, The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2005/oct/08/features.fiction (2005-10-08)

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„It's not important to me... people will see my films if they want to. Also, I cannot deal with so many things, I have bandwidth only for that much.“

—  Aamir Khan Indian film actor, director, and producer of Hindi Cinema 1965
Aamir Khan turns down Madam Tussauds http://www.ibosnetwork.com/newsmanager/templates/template1.aspx?a=21052&z=4.

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