„There are here two assumptions about 'evaluations ', which I will call assumption (1) and assumption (2). Assumption (1) is that some individual may, without logical error, base his beliefs about matters of value entirely on premises which no one else would recognise as giving any evidence at all. Assumption (2) is that, given the kind of statement which other people regard as evidence for an evaluative conclusion, he may refuse to draw the conclusion because this does not count as evidence for him.“

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Philippa Foot
1920 - 2010

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„A person not familiar with all of the special knowledge about a particular instrument should not try to draw too many conclusions from printed data. Such data typically contains certain assumptions about the equipment not necessarily known to outsiders.“

—  Jerry R. Ehman American astronomer and astrophysicist
The Big Ear Wow! Signal : What We Know and Don't Know About It After 20 Years (1 September 1997); section: Vast Conclusions from "Half-Vast" Data http://www.bigear.org/wow20th.htm <!-- Ehman did not create this expression, which was used among engineers in the 1960s well before his use of it. -->

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„The key question for top management is what are your assumptions (implicit as well as explicit) about the most effective way to manage people?“

—  Douglas McGregor American professor 1906 - 1964
p. 1; as cited in: Abraham Harold Maslow, Deborah Collins Stephens, Gary Heil. Maslow on management, John Wiley, 1998, p. 96

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„Many of the words and numbers bandied by Obama and his administration may reflect an honest belief that the world is whatever well-intentioned people like them say about it. So, Obama's critics should reconsider their assumption that he is cynical. It is his sincerity that is scary.“

—  George Will American newspaper columnist, journalist, and author 1941
Column, February 7, 2014, "President Obama's Magic Words and Numbers" http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/george-will-president-obamas-magic-words-and-numbers/2014/02/07/220fbc04-8f76-11e3-84e1-27626c5ef5fb_story.html at washingtonpost.com.

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