„I wrote a script and gave it to a guy that reads scripts. And he read it and said he really likes it, but he thinks I need to rewrite it. I said "Fuck that, I'll just make a copy."“

Mitch Hedberg1
1968 - 2005

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„I was approached to do a film script for the Beatles. I said it would have to be an absolutely original script. Paul McCartney said do whatever you like. I said that means you'll never be able to do it.“

—  Joe Orton English playwright and author 1933 - 1967
Interview with Barry Hanson, programme notes of Peter Gill's Royal Court production of The Erpingham Camp and The Ruffian on the Stair http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/parade/abj76/PG/pieces/joe_orton.shtml (June 1967)

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„I think actors look for good material and I had heard about this script by Aaron and I read it and thought I had to come back to television. I'm here mostly because of how good the script is and how bad The Whole 10 Yards was.“

—  Matthew Perry (actor) American actor 1969
On joining the NBC program Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – Kevin D. Thompson (September 18, 2006) "'Studio 60' Is Best Show of the Fall", Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc., p. 1D.

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„He never gave us a script and we never asked - we were safe in his hands.“

—  Amitabh Bachchan Indian actor 1942
On Hrishikesh Mukherjee, reported in Encyclopaedia of Hindi cinema‎ (2003), p. 492.