„The car is not a rabbit or a deer that jumps around in sweeping lines, but it is a man-made work of technology in need of an appropriate roadway. Rather, the car resembles a dragon fly or any other jumping animal that moves shorter distances in straight lines and then changes its direction at different points.“

—  Fritz Todt

Quoted in "Technologies of Landscape: From Reaping to Recycling" - by David E. Nye - Nature - 2000.

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Fritz Todt photo
Fritz Todt
1891 - 1942

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„A straight line is not the shortest distance between two points.“

—  Madeleine L'Engle American writer 1918 - 2007

Fonte: A Wrinkle in Time: With Related Readings

Theodor W. Adorno photo

„The straight line is regarded as the shortest distance between two people, as if they were points.“

—  Theodor W. Adorno, livro Minima Moralia

Nun gilt für die kürzeste Verbindung zwischen zwei Personen die Gerade, so als ob sie Punkte wären.
E. Jephcott, trans. (1974), § 20
Minima Moralia (1951)

Will Durant photo

„In philosophy, as in politics, the longest distance between two points is a straight line.“

—  Will Durant American historian, philosopher and writer 1885 - 1981

Fonte: The Story of Philosophy: The Lives and Opinions of the World's Greatest Philosophers

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Hans Reichenbach photo
Girard Desargues photo

„When no point of a line is at a finite distance, the line itself is at an infinite distance.“

—  Girard Desargues French mathematician and engineer 1591 - 1661

Brouillion project (1639) as quoted by Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter, Projective Geometry (1987)

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„All the cars are lined up on a Saturday night“

—  Ryan Adams American alt-country/rock singer-songwriter 1974

The End
29 (2005)

„Following straight lines shortens distances, and also life.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

El ir derecho acorta las distancias, y también la vida.
Voces (1943)

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„In researches in which an infinity of directions of straight lines in space is concerned, it is advantageous to represent these directions by means of those points upon a fixed sphere“

—  Carl Friedrich Gauss German mathematician and physical scientist 1777 - 1855

"Gauss's Abstract of the Disquisitiones Generales circa Superficies Curvas presented to the Royal Society of Gottingen" (1827) Tr. James Caddall Morehead & Adam Miller Hiltebeitel in General Investigations of Curved Surfaces of 1827 and 1825 http://books.google.com/books?id=SYJsAAAAMAAJ& (1902)
Contexto: In researches in which an infinity of directions of straight lines in space is concerned, it is advantageous to represent these directions by means of those points upon a fixed sphere, which are the end points of the radii drawn parallel to the lines. The centre and the radius of this auxiliary sphere are here quite arbitrary. The radius may be taken equal to unity. This procedure agrees fundamentally with that which is constantly employed in astronomy, where all directions are referred to a fictitious celestial sphere of infinite radius. Spherical trigonometry and certain other theorems, to which the author has added a new one of frequent application, then serve for the solution of the problems which the comparison of the various directions involved can present.

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„Long story, but the point is that if you hear hoofbeats in the distance, your first guess is that they’re horses, not zebras. And you’re hearing hoofbeats and jumping straight to unicorns.”
“So what are you saying?“

—  Daniel Abraham speculative fiction writer from the United States 1969

“I’m saying let’s go see if we can find some horses or zebras before we start a unicorn hunt.”
Fonte: Nemesis Games (2015), Chapter 8 (p. 86)

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„The straight line belongs to Man. The curved line belongs to God.“

—  Antoni Gaudí Catalan architect 1852 - 1926

The real author seems to be Pierre Albert-Birot https://books.google.com/books?id=3Ul51CwjUOcC&pg=PA290&dq=%22the+curved+line+that+belongs+let%27s+say+to+God+and+the+straight+line+that+belongs+to+man%22&hl=de&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=%22the%20curved%20line%20that%20belongs%20let%27s%20say%20to%20God%20and%20the%20straight%20line%20that%20belongs%20to%20man%22&f=false.

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