„Advancing bourgeois society liquidates memory, time, recollection as irrational leftovers of the past.“

“Was bedeutet Aufarbeitung der Vergangenheit” (1959)

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Theodor W. Adorno photo
Theodor W. Adorno34
professor académico alemão 1903 - 1969

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„It is not easy to be wise for all times, not event for the present much less for the future; and those who judge the past must recollect that, when it was the present the present was future“

—  Gouverneur Morris American politician 1752 - 1816

Gouverneur Morris to Robert Walsh ( February 5, 1811 http://www.bgdlegal.com/clientuploads/Publications/Publications/John%20Bush%20-%20Gouverneur%20Morris.pdf)

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„The past is more than a memory.“

—  John Trudell Native American rights activist, musician, poet 1946 - 2015

"What it Means to be a Human Being" Speech (2001)

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„Memory and dust, he thought, link us to the past.“

—  Clifford D. Simak, livro Time and Again

Fonte: Time and Again (1951), Chapter XLIII (p. 224)

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