„The prevailing attitude of the speakers was one of heavy disagreement with a number of things which the reader had not said.“

— Ronald Knox, Let Dons Delight (1939), Note on Chapter 8 Describing a discussion following the presentation of a paper at a student society.

Ronald Knox12
English priest and theologian 1888 - 1957

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„The speaker must choose a comprehensible [verständlich] expression so that speaker and hearer can understand one another.“

— Jürgen Habermas German sociologist and philosopher 1929
Habermas (1979) cited in: Werner Ulrich (1983) Critical heuristics of social planning. p. 123

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„Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.“

— Margaret Fuller American feminist, poet, author, and activist 1810 - 1850

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„When I was in the Soviet Union recently I was being interviewed by a newspaperman and he said, "Which dancers influenced you the most?" and I said, "Oh, well, Fred Astaire." He looked very surprised and shocked and I said, "What's the matter?" He said, "Well, Mr. Balanchine just said the same thing."“

— Fred Astaire American dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and television presenter 1899 - 1987
Jerome Robbins in Heeley, David, producer and director. Fred Astaire: Puttin' on his Top Hat and Fred Astaire: Change Partners and Dance (two television programs written by John L. Miller), PBS, March 1980. (M).

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„I feel safe in the midst of my enemies, for the truth is all powerful and will prevail.“

— Sojourner Truth African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist 1797 - 1883

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„Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
― Margaret Fuller“

— Margaret Fuller American feminist, poet, author, and activist 1810 - 1850

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