„It is through the multitudinous mass of living human hearts, of human acts and words of love and truth, that the Christ of the first century has become the Christ of the nineteenth.“

P. 103.
Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895)

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Arthur Penrhyn Stanley22
English churchman, Dean of Westminster 1815 - 1881

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„This is faith, receiving the truth of Christ; first knowing it to be true, and then acting upon that belief.“

—  Charles Spurgeon British preacher, author, pastor and evangelist 1834 - 1892

P. 227.
Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895)

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„There live Christ and Nero in our hearts.“

—  Antoni Lange Polish writer and philosopher 1862 - 1929


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„The first sermon that Christ preached, indeed, the first word of his sermon was 'Repent.“

—  Thomas Watson English nonconformist preacher and author 1616 - 1686

The Doctrine of Repentance (1668)

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„It is necessary that we too should see the beam in our own eyes, and learn to distinguish between the Christianity of the nineteenth century and the religion of Christ.“

—  Max Müller German-born philologist and orientalist 1823 - 1900

Preface (Scribner edition, 1872) <!-- New York, Scribner pp xxiv - xxv -->
Chips from a German Workshop (1866)
Contexto: It is necessary that we too should see the beam in our own eyes, and learn to distinguish between the Christianity of the nineteenth century and the religion of Christ. If we find that the Christianity of the nineteenth century does not win as many hearts in India and China as it ought, let us remember that it was the Christianity of the first century in all its dogmatic simplicity, but with its overpowering love of God and man, that conquered the worId and superseded religions and philosophies, more difficult to conquer than the religious and philosophical systems of Hindus and Buddhists. If we can teach something to the Brahmans in reading with them their sacred hymns, they too can teach us something when reading with us the gospel of Christ. Never shall I forget the deep despondency of a Hindu convert, a real martyr to his faith, who had pictured to himself from the pages of the New Testament what a Christian country must be, and who when he came to Europe found everything so different from what he had imagined in his lonely meditations at Benares!

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„Christ is the genius of love and as such the most diametric antipole to Jewry, which is the incarnation of hate. … Christ was the first anti-Jewish opponent of stature. … The Jew is the lie that became flesh. He nailed Christ to the cross, and thus for the first time in history nailed the eternal truth to the cross.“

—  Joseph Goebbels Nazi politician and Propaganda Minister 1897 - 1945

Christus ist das Genie der Liebe, als solches der diametralste Gegenpol zum Judentum, das die Inkarnation des Hasses darstellt. … Christus ist der erste Judengegner von Format. … Der Jude ist die menschgewordene Lüge. In Christus hat er zum erstenmal vor der Geschichte die ewige Wahrheit ans Kreuz geschlagen.
Michael: a German fate in diary notes (1926)

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„How else but through a broken heart
May Lord Christ enter in?“

—  Oscar Wilde, livro The Ballad of Reading Gaol

Pt. V, st. 14
The Ballad of Reading Gaol (1898)

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