„My mother, as much as I can remember from my early boyhood, and from what I heard of her after her death, was of a most lively temper, and possessed of a good and noble heart, but a little inclined to sensibility; her greatest pleasure was to see everyone happy about her. She loved me dearly and spoilt me. I adored her. Alas, I lost her when only a little boy, and never shall I efface from my memory the day of her death and funeral.“

My Life and Confessions, for Philippine, 1786

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Albrecht Daniel Thaer photo
Albrecht Daniel Thaer
professor académico alemão 1752 - 1828

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„My mother whom I adored, secretly wasted away and died of grief…; her death…marked me for life.“

—  Christian Dior French fashion designer 1905 - 1957

Fonte: Marie France Pochna "Christian Dior: The Man who Made the World Look New", p. 48

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„I had rather suffer death than alarm Mrs. Freemantle, by letting her see me in this state, when I can give her no tidings whatever of her husband.“

—  Horatio Nelson Royal Navy Admiral 1758 - 1805

After being wounded during the attack on Santa Cruz de Tenerife (24 July 1797), as quoted in The Dispatches and Letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson with Notes (1845) edited Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Vol. II : 1795-1797, p. 423

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