„Ayşe Erkoç learned long ago that the secret of doing anything illicit in Istanbul is to do it in full public gaze in the clear light of day. No one ever questions the legitimacy of the blatant.“

—  Ian McDonald, Ch. 7, §7 (p. 251).

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„It is a blatant, open secret that this attack on the Twin Towers was done by George Bush himself.“

—  Zakir Naik Islamic televangelist 1965
Condemning 11th September attacks, 31 July, 2008. http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/1846.htm.

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„No coach ever stops learning. That's what makes the great coaches great. They strive to learn more every day and they never stop asking questions.“

—  Tom Crean (basketball coach) American college basketball coach 1966
Foreword to Winning Basketball : Techniques and Drills for Playing Better Offensive Basketball (2004) by Ralph L. Pim

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