„Sorry, girl. But, you missed out. Well tough luck; that boy's mine now. We are more than just good friends; this is how the story ends. Too bad that you couldn't see; see the man that boy could be. There is more than meets the eye; I see the soul that is inside. He was a boy, she was girl. Can I make it any more obvious? We are in love, haven't you heard? How, we rock each other's world!“

"Sk8er Boi"
Let Go (2002)

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Avril Lavigne15
Cantora e compositora do Canadá 1984

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„When she meets a powerful man she's more likely to try and blow him away than blow him off. Stop that erection right now, you sick, sick boy. Stop it! Concentrate, that's how!“

—  Ben Croshaw English video game journalist 1983

Why it would kick arse to be Lara Croft http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/essays/lara.htm
Fully Ramblomatic, Essays

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„A bad boy can be very good for a girl.“

—  Melissa de la Cruz American writer 1971

Fonte: Girl Stays in the Picture

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