„In accordance with my conception of life, I have chosen not to bring children into the world. A coin is examined, and only after careful deliberation, given to a beggar, whereas a child is flung out into the cosmic brutality without hesitation.“

—  Peter Wessel Zapffe, To Be a Human Being (1989–90)

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„Life without labor is crime, and labor without art is brutality.“

—  John Wesley Hardrick painter 1891 - 1968
Said in 1914 during an exhibit at Allen Chapel in Indianapolis; cited in William Edward Taylor, Harriet Garcia Warkel and Margaret Taylor Burroughs, A Shared Heritage, Indianapolis Museum of Art Cf. John Ruskin: "Life without industry is guilt, and industry without art is brutality," from Lectures on Art (1870), lecture III

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„Life without industry is guilt, and industry without art is brutality.“

—  John Ruskin English writer and art critic 1819 - 1900
Lectures on Art (1870), Lecture III

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„Over my head his arm he flung
Against the world.“

—  Robert Browning English poet and playwright of the Victorian Era 1812 - 1889
Bells and Pomegranates No. III: Dramatic Lyrics: Count Gismond (1842), xix.

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