„Should I tear my eyes out now?
Everything I see returns to you somehow
Should I tear my heart out now?
Everything I feel returns to you somehow“

— Sufjan Stevens, "The Only Thing"

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„You used to call me your dreamer,
And now I'm living out my dreams;
Oh, how I wish you could see,
Everything that's happening for me.“

— Miley Cyrus American actor and singer-songwriter 1992
I Miss You, her character's guitar piece for Hannah Montana and in reality dedicated to her late grandfather Ron Cyrus

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Michael Moore photo

„I forgot out there on the stage to thank my cast. So if I could do that now, I want to thank Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld. I thought the love scene between Cheney and Rumsfeld brought a tear to my eye.“

— Michael Moore American filmmaker, author, social critic, and liberal activist 1954
Statement after winning the top prize at the Cannes film festival for Fahrenheit 9/11, quoted Reuters reports (22 May 2004), partly quoted in

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„I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.“

— James Mattis 26th and current United States Secretary of Defense; United States Marine Corps general 1950
After the invasion of Iraq -and after sending his tanks and artillery home- Mattis sent this message to the Iraqi leaders in every area his men served in, as quoted in Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq (2006) by Thomas E. Ricks; as excerpted in Armed Forces Journal (August 2006) http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/fiasco/

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„I shall never forget the tears in the eyes of the shah the day we left Iran. In that deserted runway and in the aircraft, my only thought was whether it was the last time or would [we ever] return.“

— Farah Pahlavi Empress of Iran 1938
Interview: Farah Pahlavi Recalls 30 Years In Exile http://www.rferl.org/content/Interview_Farah_Pahlavi_Recalls_30_Years_In_Exile/2111354.html, Radio Free Europe, (July 27, 2010).