„What's going on? … What you are doing is not allowed in Islamic law [halal]. What you are doing is forbidden in Islam [haraam]! … Do you know right from wrong?“

—  Muammar al-Gaddafi, Remarks to captors minutes before death, quoted in msnbc.com (2011 October 21) "Even stashed in a meat locker, Gadhafi divides Libya" http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/44986347/ns/today-today_news/t/battle-over-body-delays-gadhafis-burial/
Muammar al-Gaddafi photo
Muammar al-Gaddafi2
Ditador líbio 1942 - 2011

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„There have been times throughout American history where what is right is not the same as what is legal. Sometimes to do the right thing you have to break the law.“

—  Edward Snowden American whistleblower and former National Security Agency contractor 1983
Snowden's first U.S. television interview, to NBC's Brian Williams; Snowden: "Sometimes To Do The Right Thing You Have to Break a Law", Gawker (29 May 2014) http://gawker.com/snowden-sometimes-to-do-the-right-thing-you-have-to-b-1583145785

P. D. James photo
Martin Luther King, Jr. photo
Robert Graves photo

„It doesn't matter what's the cause,
What wrong they say we're righting,
A curse for treaties, bonds and laws,
When we're to do the fighting!“

—  Robert Graves English poet and novelist 1895 - 1985
Fairies and Fusiliers (1917), "To Lucasta on Going to the War — For the Fourth Time"

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Catherine the Great photo
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi photo
G. Gordon Liddy photo
Merrick Garland photo

„The hard things are when you have to make your friends disappointed because you think you’re required, for example, by the law to do something that maybe is different than what you would do as a matter of public policy.“

—  Merrick Garland American judge 1952
DC Circuit Court Judge Panel, JRCLS International Law Conference (2013), [Merrick Garland, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U1a8pYMJDM, March 18, 2016, Life Lessons Learned, DC Circuit Court Judge Panel, JRCLS International Law Conference, February 15, 2013, Georgetown University Law Center]; also excerpted quote in: [March 18, 2016, The Quotable Merrick Garland: A Collection of Writings and Remarks, http://www.nationallawjournal.com/home/id=1202752327128/The-Quotable-Merrick-Garland-A-Collection-of-Writings-and-Remarks, Zoe Tillman, The National Law Journal, March 16, 2016, 0162-7325]

Diogenes Laërtius photo

„Asked what he gained from philosophy, he answered, "To do without being commanded what others do from fear of the laws."“

—  Diogenes Laërtius biographer of ancient Greek philosophers 180 - 240
The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (c. 200 A.D.), Book 5: The Peripatetics, Aristotle, 9.

Frederik Pohl photo
Julius Streicher photo

„I have to repeat again and again: He who knows the Talmud, knows the Jew! The laws of the Talmud are contrary to the German system of laws. You should acknowledge the importance of discussing this matter in connection with the judiciary budget. Once you know what the Talmud orders the Jew to do, you will understand today's state of affairs.“

—  Julius Streicher German politician 1885 - 1946
Ich muss es immer wieder sagen: Wer den Talmud kennt, kennt den Juden! Die Gesetze des Talmuds sind unserer deutschen Rechtsordnung entgegengesetzt. Erkennen Sie daraus, wie wichtig es ist, dass diese Frage im Zusammenhang mit dem Justizetat besprochen wird. Wenn Sie wissen, was der Talmud dem Juden befiehlt, dann werden Sie auch unseren Zustand von heute begreifen. 05/01/1925, speech in the Bavarian regional parliament; debate about the budget of ministry of justice ("Kampf dem Weltfeind", Stürmer publishing house, Nuremberg, 1938)

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali photo

„I will say to you once more loud and clear: Do write on any subject you choose. There are no taboos except what is prohibited by law and press ethics.“

—  Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Tunisian politician 1936 - 2019
Regarding to restrictions of free press, of Tunisia, (2001). http://www.unhcr.org/refworld/country,,CPJ,,TUN,,47c56649c,0.html.

Geert Wilders photo

„Islam looks like a religion but in reality it is a dangerous totalitarian ideology which wants to bring the whole world under Shariah law. Islam means submission … It's either submit or die and I suggest that we will do neither of them.“

—  Geert Wilders Dutch politician 1963
2010s, "Geert Wilders: I Won’t Stop Warning the West About Islam" by Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Magazine (5 May 2015) http://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/matthew-vadum/geert-wilders-i-wont-stop-warning-the-west-about-islam/

Ma Fuxiang photo

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“