„Purim is the birthday of the first Schutz-Jude, the first Jewish toady to foreign royalty.“

—  I. L. Peretz, Purim, 1896. Alle Verk, xii. 137. quoted in M. Samuel. Prince of the Ghetto. Alfred A. Knopf, 1948, p. 123.
I. L. Peretz photo
I. L. Peretz
Escritor, poeta e teatrólogo em língua iídiche 1852 - 1915

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„To that creature, being born,
Its birthday is a day to mourn.“

—  Giacomo Leopardi Italian poet, philosopher and writer 1798 - 1837
Source: Canto notturno di un pastore errante dell'Asia (Night song of a nomadic shepherd in Asia) (1829-1830). Translation by Eamon Grennan, Leopardi: Selected Poems [Princeton University Press, 1997, ], p. 62

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„This book is my fiftieth-birthday present to myself.“

—  Kurt Vonnegut American writer 1922 - 2007
Context: This book is my fiftieth-birthday present to myself. I feel as though I am crossing the spine of a roof — having ascended one slope. I am programmed at fifty to perform childishly — to insult “The Star-Spangled Banner,” to scrawl pictures of a Nazi flag and an asshole and a lot of other things with a felt-tipped pen. To give an idea of the maturity of my illustrations for this book, here is my picture of an asshole:

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