„Pooh Bah: This professional conscientiousness is highly creditable to you, but it places us in a very awkward position.
Koko: My good sir, the awkwardness of your position is grace itself compared with that of a man engaged in the act of cutting off his own head.“

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W. S. Gilbert1
1836 - 1911

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„I do not hate the white man; you see, his position of domination has placed him in a position of moral weakness.“

—  Albert Lutuli South African politician 1898 - 1967
As quoted in Guy Arnold (1976), The last bunker: a report on white South Africa today, p. 192.

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„I'm an American, and always will be. I happen to love that big, awkward, sprawling country very much — and its big, awkward, sprawling people.“

—  James Jones American author 1921 - 1977
Context: I'm an American, and always will be. I happen to love that big, awkward, sprawling country very much — and its big, awkward, sprawling people. Anyway, I don't like politics; and I don't make "political gestures," as you call it. I don't even believe in politics. To me, politics is like one of those annoying, and potentially dangerous (but generally just painful) chronic diseases that you just have to put up with in your life if you happen to have contracted it. Politics is like having diabetes. It's a science, a catch-as-catch-can science, which has grown up out of simple animal necessity more than anything else. If I were twice as big as I am, and twice as physically strong, I think I'd be a total anarchist. As it is, since I'm physically a pretty little guy... no, in fact, one reason I left was because I believe it is good for an American writer to get outside his country — outside his continent — and see it from a vantage point outside its pervading emotional climate.

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„I think sir, since you care for the advice of an old man, sir, you will find it a very good practise, always to verify your references, sir!“

—  Martin Joseph Routh Classical scholar and college head 1755 - 1854
Advice given to Dean John William Burgon, (29 November 1847), in response to the question: "Every studious man, in the course of a long and thoughtful life, has had occasion to experience the special value of some one axiom or precept. Would you mind giving me the benefit of such a word of advice?"; quoted in Lives of twelve good men, by John William Burgon, 1888, vol. 1 p. 73.

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„I tell you we will cut off his head with the crown upon it.“

—  Oliver Cromwell English military and political leader 1599 - 1658
To Algernon Sidney, one of the judges at the trial of Charles I (December 1648)

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„It is awkward to listen to oneself being praised, and I was always a shy man.“

—  H. Rider Haggard English writer of adventure novels 1856 - 1925
Allan and the Holy Flower (1915), CHAPTER I, BROTHER JOHN