„… He is not very sharp in some ways; and in his simple view of the world, paederasts are dangerous only to powder-monkeys and choir boys, or to those epicene creatures that are to be found in Mediterranean brothels. I made circuitous attempt at enlightening him a little, but he looked very knowing and said, 'Don't tell me about rears and vices; I have been in the Navy all my life.'"
"Then surely he must be wanting a little in penetration?“

—  Patrick O'Brian, livro Master and Commander, "James, I trust there was no mens rea in that remark?" Master and Commander (1970) ("rears and vices" is O'Brian's homage to Jane Austen's Mansfield Park)
Patrick O'Brian photo
Patrick O'Brian
1914 - 2000

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„He's always been the person who's made me laugh most. He uses humour in a very disarming way. I've seen how people enjoy his company and have always envied that, and have wanted to aspire to that.“

—  Jack Whitehall British comedian, television presenter and actor 1988
Whitehall, about his father Michael Hattenstone, Simon (14 December 2013), "Comedians and their parents: Jack Whitehall and father Michael" https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2013/dec/14/jack-whitehall-michael-whitehall-backchat, The Guardian. Retrieved September 25, 2017.

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