„So why has that officer, like his colleagues, locked up so many young men of color? Why does he have that life-shaping experience? Is it because he is a racist? Why are so many black men in jail? Is it because cops, prosecutors, judges, and juries are racist? Because they are turning a blind eye to white robbers and drug dealers? The answer is a fourth hard truth, I don't think so. If it were so, that would be easier to address. We would just need to change the way we hire, train, and measure law enforcement and that would substantially fix it. We would then go get those white criminals we have been ignoring. But the truth is significantly harder than that.“


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James Comey photo
Bertolt Brecht photo

„Oh why do we not say the important things, it would be so easy, and we are damned because we do not.“

—  Bertolt Brecht German poet, playwright, theatre director 1898 - 1956
"Song about my mother" [Lied von meiner Mutter], from "Thirteen Psalms" (1920), trans. Christopher Middleton in Poems, 1913-1956, p. 40

Ron Paul photo
Isaac Asimov photo
Boris Johnson photo
James Comey photo
Elizabeth von Arnim photo
Silvio Berlusconi photo

„We could not field a big enough force to avoid this risk [of rape]. We would need so many soldiers because our women are so beautiful.“

—  Silvio Berlusconi Italian politician 1936
As quoted in as quoted in "Silvio Berlusconi criticised for 'pretty girl' rape comment" in The Telegraph (26 January 2009) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/4339817/Silvio-Berlusconi-criticised-for-pretty-girl-rape-comment.html

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Julius Malema photo

„We have taken a decision that we are going to remove the mayor of PE. Why? Why not [mayor of DA-led Johannesburg] Mashaba, why not Solly [mayor of DA-led Tshwane]? Because the mayor of DA in PE is a white man. So, these people, when you want to hit them hard – go after a white man. They feel a terrible pain, because you have touched a white man. Not because Mashaba and Solly will not be touched, they will be touched, don't worry. But we are starting with this whiteness. We are cutting the throat of whiteness. Trollip will not be a mayor after the 6th of April, if they give us that date.“

—  Julius Malema South African political activist 1981
On 4 March 2018, concerning the Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip, at the launch of the EFF's election registration campaign, Standard Bank arena, Johannesburg. Malema Wants Mayor Trollip Out Because He's White http://www.huffingtonpost.co.za/2018/03/04/malema-wants-mayor-trollip-out-because-hes-white_a_23376838/, Politics, Huffpost (4 March 2018)

Jan Smuts photo

„Just as we preach a "black peril" so they will begin to speak of a "white peril" and of the hostility the white men have toward them.“

—  Jan Smuts military leader, politician and statesman from South Africa 1870 - 1950
In June 1947, addressing the head committee of the United Party in Transvaal, cited by Tom MacDonald in Jan Hofmeyr: Heir to Smuts, p. 219, 1948

Alain de Botton photo
Huey P. Newton photo

„Many times the poorest White person is the most racist because he is afraid that he might lose something, or discover something he does not have.“

—  Huey P. Newton Co-founder of the Black Panther Party 1942 - 1989
The Women's Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements (April 15, 1970)

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Albert Einstein photo

„Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955
Context: Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and makes life easier bring us so little happiness? The simple answer runs: Because we have not yet learned to make sensible use of it. In war it serves that we may poison and mutilate each other. In peace it has made our lives hurried and uncertain. Instead of freeing us in great measure from spiritually exhausting labor, it has made men into slaves of machinery, who for the most part complete their monotonous long day's work with disgust and must continually tremble for their poor rations. … It is not enough that you should understand about applied science in order that your work may increase man's blessings. Concern for the man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavours; concern for the great unsolved problems of the organization of labor and the distribution of goods in order that the creations of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. Speech to students at the California Institute of Technology, in "Einstein Sees Lack in Applying Science" http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F50A1FFF3F5E1B7A93C5A81789D85F458385F9&scp=4&sq=&st=p, The New York Times (16 February 1931)