„"Come Clean" is obviously about a boy and a girl's relationship and it's just talking about how somebody thinks they're in the dark. She's tired of it and he's tired of it and they're coming clean, whether it means they're gonna be together or not. They're laying all the cards out on the table and coming out with everything that hasn't been said basically. The video really shows that she's kind of in this monotone mood throughout the whole thing. She doesn't show too much emotion except that she's waiting for this boy, this guy, to come. You can't tell when they're running toward each other if they're gonna kiss or they're gonna hug or they're gonna hit each other. It's a bunch of different emotions.“

— Hilary Duff, "Hilary Duff comes clean" http://www.hilaryontheweb.com/news/2005/january/21012005_Hilary%20Duff%20comes%20clean.html. News Times. January 21 2005. Retrieved October 25 2006. On "Come Clean", a song from Metamorphosis (2003).
Hilary Duff photo
Hilary Duff
Atriz americana 1987

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Keith Olbermann photo

„They're... not... gonna... get him.“

— Keith Olbermann American sports and political commentator 1959

Juan Román Riquelme photo

„They're gonna write that I'm a fag and the people is gonna believe it“

— Juan Román Riquelme Argentine footballer 1978
After attending to a meeting arranged by criminals from the heavy supporters of Boca Juniors http://www.ellitoral.com/index.php/id_um/58529-manana-van-a-poner-que-riquelme-es-puto-y-voy-a-quedar-que-lo-soy

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„Don't get any big ideas,
They're not gonna happen.“

— Thom Yorke English musician, philanthropist and singer-songwriter 1968

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James Randi photo

„Magicians are the most honest people in the world; they tell you they're gonna fool you, and then they do it.“

— James Randi Canadian-American stage magician and scientific skeptic 1928
Documentary An honest liar http://www.transcriptsearch.com.es/id/MVMl36t2cLc

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Joe Buck photo

„Giants looking for a stop. They're gonna air it out. Rodgers does this better than anybody. Endzone.... COBB! TOUCHDOWN! UNBELIEVEABLE!“

— Joe Buck American sportscaster 1969
Calling Aaron Rodgers' Hail Mary to Randall Cobb at the end of the half of a Giants-Packers playoff game.

Stanisław Lem photo

„Good books tell the truth, even when they're about things that never have been and never will be. They're truthful in a different way.“

— Stanisław Lem Polish science fiction author 1921 - 2006
Context: Oh, I read good books, too, but only Earthside. Why that is, I don't really know. Never stopped to analyze it. Good books tell the truth, even when they're about things that never have been and never will be. They're truthful in a different way. When they talk about outer space, they make you feel the silence, so unlike the Earthly kind — and the lifelessness. Whatever the adventures, the message is always the same: humans will never feel at home out there. "Pirx's Tale" in More Tales of Pirx The Pilot (1983)

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