„R&D/good times and bad times. R&D may have to take its lumps in tough times … But beware of cutting too much muscle.“

—  Tom Peters, Weekly Quote, 08 January 2018

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„I just take it year by year. So much time is dedicated to doing this [winning championships] that I can't see having too much time for much else.“

—  Ronnie Coleman American bodybuilder 1964
Matt Ward, Arlington Morning News (May 10, 2001) "Local bodybuilder bulks up his career - Ronnie Coleman reaches for fourth world title, possible movie role", The Dallas Morning News, p. 2Y.

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„The great crime of our time, says Vonnegut, was to do too much good secretly, too much harm openly.“

—  Charles A. Reich, livro The Greening of America
The Greening of America (1970), Chapter IV : Consciousness II, p. 78

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„We have thus shown that 1799 began the period called the Time of the End; that in this time Papacy is to be consumed piece-meal; and that Napoleon took away not only Charlemagne's gifts of territory (one thousand years after they were made), but also, afterward, the Papacy's civil jurisdiction in the city of Rome, which was recognized nominally from the promulgation of Justinian's decree, A. D. 533, but actually from the overthrow of the Ostrogothic monarchy, A. D. 539 - just 1260 years before 1799. This was the exact limit of the time, times and a half of its power, as repeatedly defined in prophecy. And though in some measure claimed again since, Papacy is without a vestige of temporal or civil authority to-day, it having been wholly "consumed". The Man of Sin, devoid of civil power, still poses and boasts; but, civilly powerless, he awaits utter destruction in the near future, at the hands of the enraged masses (God's unwitting agency), as clearly shown in Revelation.
This Time of the End, or day of Jehovah's preparation, beginning A. D. 1799 and closing A. D. 1914, though characterized by a great increase of knowledge over all past ages, is to culminate in the greatest time of trouble the world has ever known; but it is nevertheless preparing for and leading into that blessed time so long promised, when the true Kingdom of God, under the control of the true Christ, will fully establish an order of government the very reverse of that of Antichrist.“

—  Charles Taze Russell Founder of the Bible Student Movement 1852 - 1916
Milennial Dawn, Vol. III: Thy Kingdom Come (1891), p. 59.

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„The Universe may be stranger than we can imagine, but it's going to have a tough time outdoing Egan.“

—  Greg Egan Australian science fiction writer and former computer programmer 1961
Reviews, New Scientist

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„Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don't have the time.“

—  Tallulah Bankhead American actress 1902 - 1968
As quoted in The Pleasures of Diaries: Four Centuries of Private Writing (1989) by Ronald Blythe, p. 3 Variant: Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don't have time. As quoted in Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology, 1590-1987 (1997) by Melosina Lenox-Conynghim, p. vii

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“