„Is it true that all I ever write you about is painting and nothing else? Isn't there love in my lines to you and between the lines, shining and glowing and quiet and loving, the way a woman should love and the way your woman loves you?“

—  Paula Modersohn-Becker, 1900 - 1905, In a letter to her husband Otto Modersohn, from Berlin, 4 February 1901; as quoted in Voicing our visions, -Writings by women artists; ed. Mara R. Witzling, Universe New York, 1991, p. 201

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„True love, true love.
It must be true love.
Nothing else can break my heart like
True love, true love.
It must be true love.
No one else can break my heart like you.“

—  Pink (singer) American singer-songwriter 1979
Song lyrics, The Truth About Love (2012), True Love, featuring Lily Allen, written by Pink, Greg Kurstin and Lily Allen

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