„Man is a conscious, rational thinker and a supra-conscious creator genius.“

—  Pitirim Sorokin, Pitirim Sorokin (1964) The basic trends of our times http://books.google.nl/books?id=SXrO4qCbmMIC, p. 39
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Pitirim Sorokin3
1889 - 1968

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„Nihilism, then, is the end process of rationalism. It is man's self conscious will to destroy his past and control his future. It is modernity at its extreme.“

—  Daniel Bell American sociologist, writer, editor, and professor emeritus at Harvard University 1919 - 2011
Introduction, The Disjunction of Realms, p. 4

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„I am very conscious that there is no scientific explanation for the fact that we are conscious.“

—  Andrew Huxley English physiologist and biophysicist 1917 - 2012
Quoted in The Economist, 16 June 2012, p. 98

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„The modern man is conscious of everything, and cannot find a remedy against anything.“

—  Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish journalist, Nobel Prize-winning novelist, and philanthropist 1846 - 1916
Context: Formerly character proved a strong curb for passions; in the present there is not much strength in character, and it grows less and less because of the prevailing scepticism, which is a decomposing element. It is like a bacillus breeding in the human soul; it destroys the resistant power against the physiological craving of the nerves, of nerves diseased. The modern man is conscious of everything, and cannot find a remedy against anything. 10 November

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