„While I was still on the WPA I was submitting designs for the Section of Fine Arts competitions which I did on my own time. Burgoyne Diller gave me a mural to do in the Community Building of the Queensbridge Housing Project on Long Island. I worked on the design and cartoons for about a year. Everything was approved and the walls prepared - casein tempera painted on the wall…. [It was] about 1938. Holger Cahill asked me through Diller to do the outdoor facade mural of the WPA Building at the World's Fair. 1 stopped work on the Queens mural and began working on the Fair mural which was finished on schedule in time for the opening of the Fair.“

1961 - 1980

Philip Guston photo
Philip Guston
1913 - 1980

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Phillip Guston photo
Phillip Guston photo
Jackson Pollock photo

„I believe easel painting to be a dying form, and the tendency of modern feeling is toward the wall picture or mural..“

—  Jackson Pollock American artist 1912 - 1956

In his application for a grant given by the Guggenheim Foundation 1944; as quoted in Abstract expressionism, Barbara Hess, Taschen Köln, 2006, p. 9

Joan Miró photo
Marc Chagall photo
Ellsworth Kelly photo
Fernand Léger photo
Phillip Guston photo
Phillip Guston photo
Hans Arp photo
Frida Kahlo photo
P. W. Botha photo

„… I am not prepared to build the type of wall you built in Berlin. In South Africa we only build walls for houses.“

—  P. W. Botha South African prime minister 1916 - 2006

To a Voice of America journalist in Berlin during a European tour, 3 September 1984, as cited in Venture into the Exterior: Through Europe With P.W. Botha, John Scott, 1984

Antoni Tàpies photo
Ellsworth Kelly photo
Marc Chagall photo

„In exasperation, I furiously attacked the floors and walls of the Moscow Theater. My mural paintings sight there, in obscurity. Have you seen them? Rant and rave, my contemporaries! In one way or another, my first theatrical alphabet gave you a belly-ache. Not modest? I'll leave that to my grandmother: it bores me. Despise me, if you like.“

—  Marc Chagall French artist and painter 1887 - 1985

ca. 1921
Quote from 'Chagall in the Yiddish Theater', Avram Kampf, as quoted in Marc Chagall - the Russian years 1906 – 1922, editor Christoph Vitali, exhibition catalogue, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 1991, p. 94

„To achieve the structure it takes a damn long time, so my paintings are always in work for a very long time—sometimes a year. Not that I work on them every day. I will have them, and then come back to them after a year, and also return intermittently. It’s not easily done. I am not able to do “one, two, a painting.” I try to do it very quickly, but it doesn’t work with me. I simply can’t do it. Very often people look and say, 'Ah, fantastic! That’s a beautiful painting.'“

—  Per Kirkeby Danish artist 1938 - 2018

But the moment they are out the door I start working on it. I rework it.
In a talk with Kosinski, before 'Per Kirkeby at the Phillips', in The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. January, 2013
Kirkeby spoke to exhibition co-curator Dorothy Kosinski about the necessity of time in the development of a painting.
1995 and later

Conor Oberst photo
Margrethe II of Denmark photo

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