„She [Chantal] did not understand him [Fiodor]. She never could and never would understand him, being as invulnerable in her truthfulness as he in his falseness. And yet, she hated him unconsciously with a jealous hatred — for what other name, alas, could be given to that revolt of her pure conscience, so well armed and, at the same time, so defenceless? She hated him instinctively as though he already possessed the incomparable secret with which to menace her, to menace God Himself.“

—  Georges Bernanos, pp.48–49
Georges Bernanos photo
Georges Bernanos40
1888 - 1948

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„His wife had held him in her arms as if she could keep death away from him.
He had cried out, "My God, I am a dead man!"“

—  Philip José Farmer American science fiction writer 1918 - 2009
Chapter 1 (p. 1; First lines, depicting the death of Sir Richard Francis Burton).

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