„I don't take stuff seriously. I saw 'Hellraiser 3' the other day at Cannes; it's OK, it's a good film, I didn't hate it or anything. I thought it was quite good, but it was all just so serious. Some guy walking round with pins sticking out of his face. I just can't sit there and think,'this is really scary.' If I made a 'Hellraiser' film, I'd like Pinhead to be whacked against a wall and have all the pins flattened into his face.“

— Peter Jackson, Trash City Interview http://members.tripod.com/hc_faq/ (1992)

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Cate Blanchett photo
Paul Newman photo

„I cannot bear to look at a film that I made before 1990. Maybe 1985. There's no sense even trying to explain it. I really just can't watch myself. I see all the machinery at work and it just drives me nuts, so I don't look at anything.“

— Paul Newman American actor and film director 1925 - 2008
Quoted in John Hiscock, "Still the blue-eyed boy," http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2002/07/13/bfnewm13.xml The Telegraph (2002-07-13)

George A. Romero photo

„I don't like the new trends in horror. All this torture stuff seems really mean-spirited. People have forgotten how to laugh, and I don't see anybody who's using it as allegory. The guy I love right now is Guillermo del Toro. I'd love to make a film like Pan's Labyrinth.“

— George A. Romero American-Canadian film director, film producer, screenwriter and editor 1940 - 2017
As quoted in "10 Questions for George Romero", TIME, (June 07, 2010) http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1992390,00.html

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„I believe mine would be Piccolo. He was the first character in my manga where I was like, "He has a scary face, but he's so cool!" It really is cliché when bad guys turn into good guys, but it just feels great drawing it!“

— Akira Toriyama manga artist and video game character designer 1955
In response to which character is his favorite from the Dragon Ball manga he created. Interview with Toriyama http://www.thegrandline.com/odainterview.html

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Leon M. Lederman photo

„I went into physics to hang around with the bright kids. I wasn't doing anything else and I didn't want to look dumb, so I thought I'd pretend to be a physicist, just like the others. It was five or ten years after my Ph. D. before I realized I was pretty good.“

— Leon M. Lederman American mathematician and physicist 1922
From Subatomic World Explorer, as noted on American Academy of Achievement web site http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/led0pro-1 (URL accessed on October 20, 2008)

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