„Nazism … destroys the very soul of our civilization … I have not taken the same grave view of Bolshevism, for it never was clear to me that Bolshevism, in spite of its brutalities and cruelties, really threatened the essentials of our ethical civilization. And after all it was a revolution of a semi-barbarous people against a rotten government and an effete church. Nazi-ism in highly cultured Germany is a very different affair.“

—  Jan Smuts

As quoted by W. K. Hancock in SMUTS 2: The Fields of Force 1919-1950, p. 358

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Jan Smuts photo
Jan Smuts
1870 - 1950

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„I hated the brutality, the sadism, and the insanity of Nazism. I just couldn't stand by and see people destroyed. I did what I could, what I had to do, what my conscience told me I must do. That's all there is to it. Really, nothing more.“

—  Oskar Schindler German industrialist and Holocaust rescuer 1908 - 1974

On his metamorphosis from a Nazi party member to a savior of Jews in witnessing the genocidal practices of the "Final Solution", as quoted in "Schindler : Why did he do it?" (2010) by Louis Bülow http://www.auschwitz.dk/why/why.htm

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„… let's all remember that we have a government "of the people, for the people, and by the people", and there are very few people in our government that you can't buy.“

—  Pat Paulsen United States Marine 1927 - 1997

Archived at "Congressional Ethics" http://www.paulsen.com/congress.html, Paulsen.com, January 12, 1968

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„It is a war of ideologies and struggle races. On one side stands National Socialism: ideology, founded on the values of our Germanic, Nordic blood. It is worth the world as we want to see: beautiful, orderly, fair, socially, a world that may be, still suffers some flaws, but overall a happy, beautiful world filled with culture, which is precisely Germany. On the other side stands the 180 millionth people, a mixture of races and peoples, whose names are unpronounceable, and whose physical nature is such that the only thing that they can do - is to shoot without pity or mercy. These animals, which are subjected to torture and ill-treatment of each prisoner from our side, which do not have medical care they captured our wounded, as do the decent men, you will see them for yourself. These people have joined a Jewish religion, one ideology, called Bolshevism, with the task of: having now Russian, half [located] in Asia, parts of Europe, crush Germany and the world. When you, my friends, are fighting in the East, you keep that same fight against the same subhumans, against the same inferior races that once appeared under the name of Huns, and later - 1,000 years ago during the time of King Henry and Otto I, - the name of the Hungarians, and later under the name of Tatars, and then they came again under the name of Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Today they are called Russian under the political banner of Bolshevism.“

—  Heinrich Himmler Nazi officer, Commander of the SS 1900 - 1945

Heinrich Himmler speaking in Stettin to soldiers of the SS (13 July 1941)

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