„We do not and will not promote 'two Chinas', 'one China and one Taiwan' or 'Taiwan independence'. Taiwan and Mainland China share the common heritage. Both sides of the Taiwan Strait are part of the Chinese nation. Their people are descendants of the same ancestors. The people of mainland China and the people of Taiwan share a common bloodline, history and culture. And after five years of peaceful exchange, the two sides have created an unprecedented horizon for the Chinese nation, as well as set an example, not only for East Asia but also for the entire world, on how to settle disputes peacefully. With mutual non-recognition of sovereignty and mutual non-denial of jurisdiction as guiding principles, both sides should continue to expand and deepen their ties in areas such as commerce, culture, technology, environmental protection and human rights.“

—  Ma Ying-jeou, Ma Ying-jeou (2013) cited in: " Gov't won't push 2 Chinas, independence: Ma http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/china-taiwan-relations/2013/04/30/377336/Govt-wont.htm" in The Taipei Times, 30 April 2013. Statement made during the 20th anniversary of Koo-Wang Talks at the Straits Exchange Foundation in Taipei, 28 April 2013.

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Lien Chan photo

„One China; peace on both sides of the (Taiwan) Strait; mutually beneficial integration; strive for a Chinese revival.“

—  Lien Chan former Chairman of the Kuomintang 1936
Lien Chan (2013) cited in " Inside China: Taiwan VIP’s pilgrimage to Beijing https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/7/in-china-taiwan-vips-pilgrimage-to-beijing/" on The Washington Times, 7 March 2013

Feng Shih-kuan photo
Wu Den-yih photo
Wu Den-yih photo

„Let's put all this (cross-strait conflict) aside. The best choice for both sides (Taiwan and Mainland China) at this moment is peace.“

—  Wu Den-yih Taiwanese politician 1948
Wu Den-yih (2016) cited in: " Wu Den-yih calls on China to improve Taiwan relations http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/china-taiwan-relations/2016/10/05/480217/Wu-Den-yih.htm" in The China Post, 5 October 2016.

Frank Hsieh photo

„We (Taiwan and Mainland China) may not share the same history, but we could have a common destiny and future.“

—  Frank Hsieh Taiwanese politician 1946
Frank Hsieh (2013) cited in " Hsieh wraps up cross-strait forum in HK http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2013/07/01/2003566053" on The Taipei Times, 1 July 2013.

Andrew Hsia photo

„The two sides (Mainland China and Taiwan) should learn a lesson from history and never fight each other again.“

—  Andrew Hsia Taiwanese politician 1950
Andrew Hsia (2015) cited in " Hsia, Zhang evoke the past at Taiwan-China meeting http://focustaiwan.tw/news/aipl/201505230020.aspx" on Focus Taiwan, 23 May 2015.

Wu Den-yih photo

„Both sides (Taiwan and Mainland China) are so lovely and so many of their people are behaving like heroes and heroines, and yet Taiwan's former ambition to 'recover the mainland' has become a thing of the past.“

—  Wu Den-yih Taiwanese politician 1948
Wu Den-yih (2016) cited in: " Ex-VP calls on China 'not to widen distance' with Taiwanese http://focustaiwan.tw/news/acs/201610030023.aspx" in Focus Taiwan, 3 October 2016.

Ma Ying-jeou photo

„The people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are all Chinese by ethnicity. Cross-strait relations are not international relations. Each side acknowledges the existence of "one China", but maintains its own interpretation based on the 1992 Consensus.“

—  Ma Ying-jeou Taiwanese politician, president of the Republic of China 1950
Ma Ying-jeou (2013) cited in: " Ma touts economic liberalization, cross-strait peace http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2013/10/11/2003574229/1" in Taipei Times, 11 October 2013. Statement made during the 102nd ROC national day ceremony at the Presidential Office in Taipei, 10 October 2013.

Chen Ming-tong photo

„I hope that the team on the other side (Mainland China) can cooperate with us to contribute to the peaceful development of relations across the (Taiwan) strait, safeguard cross-strait security, and develop ideas for co-existence and mutual prosperity.“

—  Chen Ming-tong Taiwanese politician 1955
Chen Ming-tong (2018) cited in " Taiwan's China policy agency hoping to work with Beijing counterpart http://focustaiwan.tw/news/acs/201803190006.aspx" on Focus Taiwan, 19 March 2018.

Annette Lu photo
Hu Jintao photo
Su Tseng-chang photo
Ko Wen-je photo
Francisco Ou photo

„Taiwan' is not a country. The country is the 'Republic of China.' Nowhere in the world does there exist a country called 'Taiwan.' 'Taiwan' is merely the name of a place.“

—  Francisco Ou Taiwanese politician 1940
Francisco Ou (2018) cited in " Loss of allies not China’s fault: ex-foreign minister Ou http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2018/05/27/2003693811" on Taipei Times, 27 May 2018

Wang Yu-chi photo

„We believe if the mainland really values how the Taiwanese people feel, and if it wishes to improve mutual political trust between both sides, it will grant Taiwan representative office personnel the right to visit (inmates) for humanitarian reasons.“

—  Wang Yu-chi Taiwanese politician 1969
Wang Yu-chi (2013) cited in " Taiwan urges China to allow visits to Taiwanese prisoners http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/china-taiwan-relations/2013/10/27/392238/Taiwan-urges.htm" on The China Post, 27 October 2013

Zhang Zhijun photo