„We are united in our determination to change the present system of international relations, based as it is on injustice, inequality and oppression. In international politics we act as n independent world force.“

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Fidel Castro23
1926 - 2016

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„We do not want a united Germany. This would lead to a change to postwar borders, and we cannot allow that because such a development would undermine the stability of the whole international situation and could endanger our security.“

—  Margaret Thatcher British stateswoman and politician 1925 - 2013
Talking to Mikhail Gorbachev at a luncheon meeting in Moscow in September 1989 https://web.archive.org/web/20170524105058/http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-opinion/How-Margaret-Thatcher-pleaded-with-Gorbachev-not-to-let-the-Berlin-Wall-fall-out-of-london/article16514846.ece

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„In the United States, international business still means the U. S. and the rest of the world. Here it is different. We wanted to learn about the reality of international business and understand the role and scope of strategy within that.“

—  Renée Mauborgne American economist
Renée Mauborgne in: Stuart Crainer, " W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne: The Thought Leader Interview http://www.strategy-business.com/article/11695?gko=d33f3," strategy+business, January 12, 2002. First Quarter 2002. Issue 26 (originally published by Booz & Company)

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„I take it to be a fundamental assumption that whatever post-war international organisation is established, it will be our aim to maintain the British Commonwealth as an international entity, recognised as such by foreign countries.... If we are to carry our full weight in the post-war world with the US and USSR, it can only be as a united British Commonwealth.“

—  Clement Attlee Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1883 - 1967
'The Relations of the British Commonwealth to the Post-War International Political Organisation' (June 1943), quoted in Correlli Barnett, The Lost Victory: British Dreams, British Realities 1945–1950 (Pan, 1995), p. 51.

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„We are against dependence on a change in the international situation for the solution of the China Incident.“

—  Shunroku Hata Japanese general 1879 - 1962
Quoted in "Tokyo Record" - Page 149 - by Otto David Tolischus - 1943

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„The world at the beginning of the twenty-first century is a strange cocktail of continuity and change. Some aspects of international politics have not changed since Thucydides.“

—  Joseph Nye American political scientist 1937
Context: The world at the beginning of the twenty-first century is a strange cocktail of continuity and change. Some aspects of international politics have not changed since Thucydides. There is a certain logic of hostility, a dilemma about security that goes with interstate politics. Alliances, balance of power, and choices in in policy between war and compromise have remained similar over the millennia. Chapter 1, Is There an Enduring Logic of Conflict in World Politics?, p. 2.

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„Today, international relations are dominated by a many-faceted world-wide confrontation“

—  Houari Boumédiène Huari Bumedien 1932 - 1978
1974 speech to United Nations https://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2017/03/12/nl740444/preview/page/1/

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„In the anarchic world of international politics, it is better to be Godzilla than Bambi.“

—  John Mearsheimer American political scientist 1947
"China's Unpeaceful Rise", Current History (2006) vol. 105 (690) p. 162

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