„Ways to combat stress, such as playing golf before a conference call or taking a break on the beach during inventory, are essential.“

— Ricardo Semler, The Seven-Day Weekend (2004)

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Bill Engvall photo

„[playing golf with his friends]“

— Bill Engvall American comedian and actor 1957

Patch Adams photo
Isaac Newton photo

„To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me“

— Isaac Newton British physicist and mathematician and founder of modern classical physics 1643 - 1727

P.G. Wodehouse photo
Bruce Lee photo

„Take inventory of everyone with whom you have contact.“

— Bruce Lee Hong Kong-American actor, martial artist, philosopher and filmmaker 1940 - 1973
Part 6 "Beyond System — The Ultimate Source of Jeet Kune Do"<!-- p. 371 -->

„The emotional stress is a complex network of unusual strains inherent in the combat situation. The stress is derived from different sources, which again mutually reinforce each other.“

— Roy R. Grinker, Sr. American psychiatrist and neurologist 1900 - 1993
p. 33 cited in: David Goodman Mandelbaum -(1952) Soldier groups and Negro soldiers. p. 78

LeBron James photo

„This fall, and this was a very tough decision for me, but this fall I will be taking my talents to South Beach and play with the Miami Heat.“

— LeBron James American basketball player 1984
James announcing his decision to leave the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami.

William H. Rehnquist photo
H. G. Wells photo
William O. Douglas photo

„The way to combat noxious ideas is with other ideas. The way to combat falsehoods is with truth.“

— William O. Douglas Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1898 - 1980
Mike Wallace interview (4 November 1958), quoted in The Great Quotations (1966) by George Seldes

Ali Abdullah Saleh photo

„Yemen is an essential partner of the United States of America and the international community in combating terror.“

— Ali Abdullah Saleh President of North Yemen from 1978 to 1990; President of Yemen from 1990 to 2011 1942
President Bush Welcomes President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen to the White House (May 2007) http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2007/05/20070502-3.html#

Philip K. Dick photo
Irene Dunne photo
Rafael Nadal photo

„If you are playing bad you are going to lose here, on clay, on ice, or on the beach.“

— Rafael Nadal Spanish tennis player 1986
Preparing to play at the 2006 US Open http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/low/tennis/5295932.stm

Donald J. Trump photo

„I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.“

— Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946
Trump used to have a slightly different opinion of presidents playing golf https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/02/13/trump-used-to-have-a-slightly-different-opinion-of-presidents-playing-golf/?utm_term=.d2f026a42e9c by Phillip Bump, Washington Post, August 8 Virginia rally (August 20, 2016)

Ian McDonald photo