„The sounds emanating from the uterine core of the Democratic Party are the subhuman grunts and growls one hears from animals in estrus or mid-feed. Something is terribly wrong with them.“

—  Ilana Mercer, "The Party of Man-Haters," https://townhall.com/columnists/ilanamercer/2018/10/19/the-party-of-manhaters-n2530054 Townhall.com, October 19, 2018
Ilana Mercer photo
Ilana Mercer289
South African writer

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„5,000 subhuman animals.“

—  Sammy Wilson British politician 1953
The News Letter (September 3, 1991) About voters who re-elected Joe Austin of Sinn Féin

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„What we hate is not the colour of their skins but the evil that emanates from them.“

—  Robert Mugabe former President of Zimbabwe 1924
Speech at the Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem, New York (8 September 2000), quoted in Michael Radu, "State of Disaster", National Review, 27 May 2002

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„There is something terribly wrong with a culture inebriated by noise and gregariousness.“

—  George Steiner American writer 1929
Quoted in The Daily Telegraph (London, 1989-05-23).

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„If there's any similarity from this Rogue One activity to the present, politically, it is simpatico with the Anonymous/WikiLeaks obtaining leaked documentation from U. S. political parties and making available to the public some quite grotesque correspondence among Democrats“

—  Suzy Rice graphic designer
'Star Wars' Logo Creator on Its "Fascist" Roots and the Controversy Over 'Rogue One' https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-wars-logo-creator-fascist-roots-controversy-rogue-one-956800 (December 17, 2016)

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