„I had given up [around 1950] any ambition of making a career as an artist... I had lost all interest in the art shown in galleries and museums, and I no longer aspired to fit in that world. I loved the paintings done by children, and my only desire was to do the same for my own pleasure.“

pp. 7-8
posthumous, Batons rompus, 1986

Jean Dubuffet photo
Jean Dubuffet
1901 - 1985

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„I am not a 'book of the month' artist, and I do not paint pretty pictures; but when I am no longer here my name will register forever in the history of American art.“

—  Marsden Hartley American artist 1877 - 1943

In a letter to his sister at the end of his life; as quoted in 'The return of the Native' by Joseph Phelan, Artcyclopedia online
1931 - 1943

Suze Robertson photo

„.. I therefore got around to painting [in Amsterdam, 1883] and that's why teaching started to become a burden for me. So then it HAD to happen now: Make or break! And I asked my dismissal at the school, threw away my 2500 florin a year, sacrificed everything, although I never made any painting yet, and certainly sold nothing at all. And my acquaintances, my family, they found me reckless and shamefully frivolous with my sacrifice to art, for which they did not felt any sympathy or understand anything of it after all.“

—  Suze Robertson Dutch painter 1855 - 1922

(version in original Dutch / origineel citaat van Suze Robertson:) ..ik kwam zodoende meer aan 't schilderen [inmiddels in Amsterdam, 1883], waardoor 't lesgeven me begon te bezwaren. Dus dan MOEST het ook maar: erop of eronder! En ik vroeg mijn ontslag aan de school, gooide mijn f 2500,- per jaar weg, offerde àlles op, hoewel ik nog nooit 'n schilderij gemaakt, laat staan iets verkocht had. En m'n kennissen, m'n familie, ze vonden me roekeloos en schandelijk lichtzinnig met mijn offer aan de kunst, waarvoor ze immers niets voelden of van begrepen..
p. 31
1900 - 1922

Groucho Marx photo
Jules Dupré photo

„You think then, that I know my profession? Why, my poor fellow; if I had nothing more to find out and to learn I could not paint any longer.“

—  Jules Dupré French painter 1811 - 1889

as quoted by Albert Wolff, 1880's, in Notes upon certain masters of the XIX century, - printed not published MDCCCLXXXVI (1880's), The Art Age Press, 400 N.Y. (written after the exhibition 'Cent Chefs-d'Oeuvres: the Choiche of the French Private Galleries', Petit, Paris / Baschet, New York, 1883, p. 36
Dupré is responding in this quote to a purchaser who was teasing him to finish a picture only in a few hours. Dupré replied in the presence of Albert Wolff

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