„According to Islamic principles, when a man is accused of heresy, he is given the choice between repentance and punishment.“

— Naguib Mahfuz, Naguib Mahfouz in: Gary Dexter (2010) Poisoned Pens: Literary Invective Form Amis to Zola. p. 226

Naguib Mahfuz foto
Naguib Mahfuz2
1911 - 2006

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Theodor W. Adorno foto

„freedom would be not to choose between black and white but to abjure such prescribed choices.“

— Theodor W. Adorno German sociologist, philosopher and musicologist known for his critical theory of society 1903 - 1969

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Omar Khayyám foto

„Indeed, indeed, Repentance oft before
I swore — but was I sober when I swore?“

— Omar Khayyám Persian poet, philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer 1048 - 1131
Context: Indeed, indeed, Repentance oft before I swore — but was I sober when I swore? And then and then came Spring, and Rose-in-hand My thread-bare Penitence apieces tore.

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Daniel Wallace foto
Cesare Beccaria foto
August Strindberg foto

„Love between a man and woman is war.“

— August Strindberg Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter 1849 - 1912

Diogenes of Sinope foto

„To one who asked what was the proper time for lunch, he said, "If a rich man, when you will; if a poor man, when you can."“

— Diogenes of Sinope ancient Greek philosopher, one of the founders of the Cynic philosophy -404 - -322 a.C.
Diogenes Laërtius, vi. 40

Dugald Stewart foto

„Every man has some peculiar train of thought which he falls back upon when he is alone. This, to a great degree, moulds the man.“

— Dugald Stewart Scottish philosopher and mathematician 1753 - 1828
Dugald Stewart; reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 581

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