„Coming from a tiny island, it's very exciting to be at sea in Central Europe in the sense of vast stretches of land all around one. We don't get that in Ireland.“


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„A Continent is a great quantity of Land, not separated by any Sea from the rest of the World, as the whole Continent of Europe, Asia, Africa.“

—  Peter Heylin English ecclesiastic and author of polemical, historical, political and theological tracts 1599 - 1662
Cosmographie (1657)

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„In what a narrow circuit, among what
abandoned solitudes your fame lies bound!
Amid vast seas your island earth is shut,
though "vast" or "ocean", or what words resound
to name that sea, are idle names and fond,
for what it is: a shallow bog, a pond.“

—  Torquato Tasso Italian poet 1544 - 1595
Gerusalemme Liberata (1581), In che picciolo cerchio, e fra che nude Solitudini è stretto il vostro fasto! Lei, come isola, il mare intorno chiude; E lui, ch'or Ocean chiamate or vasto, Nulla eguale a tai nomi ha in sè di magno; Ma è bassa palude, e breve stagno. Canto XIV, stanza 10 (tr. Wickert)

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