„I could have never done it if David [Lynch] wasn’t a friend. He was very protective of me, like a big brother—he always has been. When it comes to Wild at Heart, if we had a love scene, everyone was very respectful… There’s no getting it wrong. Daring to go too extreme or too subtle or too anything—he requires it all of you and it’s all such fun and there’s no judgment on a set with David—ever. Except when I bring bottles of water on a set; he hates that.“

— Laura Dern, As quoted in "Laura Dern on David Lynch" by Daniel Nemet-Nejat, Moviemaker, Moviemaker.com (23 January 2007) https://www.moviemaker.com/archives/moviemaking/directing/articles-directing/dern-on-lynch-3393/

Laura Dern foto
Laura Dern
Atriz americana 1967

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„If it ever lay in my power, I will work the Cardinal as much displeasure as he has done to me“

— Anne Boleyn Second wife of Henry VIII of England, mother of Queen Elizabeth I of England 1501 - 1536
About her dislike of Cardinal Wolsey, "Anne Bleyn" http://www.sixwives.info/anne-boleyn.htm, quote under section "Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy", The Tudors

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