„In the Vienna of the First Republic a tendency to anti-semtism was particularly marked in the years of economic upheaval, between 1921 and 1923... At the time organized anti-semitism was definitely led by the newly-formed National-Socialist movement, which stressed the racial and "völkisch" aspects and linked the problem with the Anschluss movement.“

— Kurt Schuschnigg, p. 63
Kurt Schuschnigg photo
Kurt Schuschnigg
político austríaco 1897 - 1977

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„The second German secret weapon is anti-Semitism, because if it is consistently pursued by Germany, it will become a universal problem which all nations will be forced to consider.“

— Robert Ley Nazi politician 1890 - 1945
Quoted in "Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal" - Page 118 - Nuremberg, Germany - 1947

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„I'm not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.“

— Louis Farrakhan leader of the Nation of Islam 1933
16 October 2018 https://twitter.com/LouisFarrakhan/status/1052304476923719680, highlighted 17 October 2018 by The Hill https://thehill.com/policy/technology/411950-twitter-says-it-wont-suspend-louis-farrakhan-over-tweet-comparing-jews-to

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„In Western Europe, anti-Semitism directed against Arabs has largely replaced Anti-Semitism against Jews“

— Samuel P. Huntington American political scientist 1927 - 2008
Ch. 8 : The West and the Rest: Intercivilizational Issues, § 3 : Immigration, p. 200

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„And the venality of those Judaized is incapable of explaining anti-Semitism as a social phenomenon, we will call it the anti-Semitic theory.“

— A.C. Cuza Romanian politician 1857 - 1947
From "Ştiinţa antisemitismului" ("The Science of Anti-Semitism"), Apararea Nationala ("The National Defense") No. 16, Nov. 15, 1922, lst year.

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„I’m surprised to find absence of explicit anti-Semitism this time. Was a page missing?“

— Barney Frank American politician, former member of the House of Representatives for Massachusetts 1940
In response to a constituent’s angry letter. Quoted in Slate Magazine http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2011/11/barney_frank_retires_why_the_democrats_will_miss_his_voice_.html, November 29, 2011.