„We know that Hong Kong, after the handover to mainland China, has been trying for universal suffrage … We know that mainland China has made promises and we're of course pleased to see Hong Kong changing in this direction.“

— Ma Ying-jeou, Ma Ying-jeou (2013) cited in: " Ma says meeting with Xi Jinping rests on popular approval http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/china-taiwan-relations/2013/07/27/384866/Ma-says.htm" in The China Post, 27 July 2013. Statement made at the Presidential Office in Taipei commenting on the handover of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, 25 July 2013.

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Chris Patten photo
Donald Tsang photo

„The life expectancy in Hong Kong is among the highest in the world … you can come to only one conclusion: we have the most environmentally friendly place for people, for executives, for Hong Kong people to live“

— Donald Tsang Hong Kong politician 1944
Statement during a Business for Clear Air conference, as quoted in "Tsang hit for 'naive' comments" by Mimi Lau in The Standard (28 November 2006) http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?pp_cat=11&art_id=32856&sid=11078442&con_type=1&d_str=20061128&sear_year=2006

Hung Hsiu-chu photo

„If we don't put forward such a proposal (signing a peace pact with Mainland China) and start negotiating with (Mainland) China, how can we know we will not achieve any results?“

— Hung Hsiu-chu Taiwanese politician 1948
Hung Hsiu-chu (2015) cited in " Cross-strait status quo is 'one China, same interpretation': KMT's Hung http://focustaiwan.tw/news/aipl/201505060036.aspx" on Focus Taiwan, 6 May 2015

Leung Chun-ying photo
Cheng Wen-tsan photo

„If they (Mainland China) say we (Mainland China and Taiwan) are close family, they won't repeatedly threaten to use force to settle disputes.“

— Cheng Wen-tsan Taiwan politician 1967
Cheng Wen-tsan (2018) cited in " Taoyuan mayor calls for China to stop threatening Taiwan http://focustaiwan.tw/news/acs/201803070035.aspx", Focus Taiwan (7 March 2018).

Ma Ying-jeou photo

„Our relationship with mainland China is very subtle. We don’t have a state-to-state relationship and we do not view mainland China as a foreign state.“

— Ma Ying-jeou Taiwanese politician, president of the Republic of China 1950
Ma Ying-jeou (2013) cited in: " Ma says he will only talk with Xi ‘as president’ http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2013/07/27/2003568278" in The Taipei Times, 27 July 2013. Statement made at the Presidential Office in Taipei commenting on the possibility of Ma Ying-jeou meeting up with Xi Jinping before end of Ma's term in 2016, 25 July 2013.

Leung Chun-ying photo
Chris Patten photo

„[About Hong Kong:] No other place has quite the same blend of East and West, ancient and modern, spectacular and humdrum.“

— Chris Patten British politician and colonial administrator 1944
Chris Patten, East and West: The Last Governor of Hong Kong on Power, Freedom and the Future, Pan Books, second edition, 1999, page 19.

Yan Lianke photo
Wu Den-yih photo

„Of course, we are against Taiwan's independence, but we don't think right now is the time to talk about reunification (with Mainland China).“

— Wu Den-yih Taiwanese politician 1948
Wu Den-yih (2018) cited in: " Taiwan opposition ditches pro-China overtures ahead of poll https://www.ft.com/content/515fc4f0-51bd-11e8-b24e-cad6aa67e23e" in Financial Times, 8 May 2018.

Chris Patten photo

„[... ] my anxiety is not that this community's autonomy would be usurped by Peking, but that it could be given away bit by bit by some people in Hong Kong.“

— Chris Patten British politician and colonial administrator 1944
Speech of Policy Address http://www.legco.gov.hk/yr96-97/english/lc_sitg/hansard/han0210.htm, Legislative Council of Hong Kong, 2 October 1996.

Jackie Chan photo
Lin Yu-fang photo

„(Mainland) China is telling you (Taiwan) that that there is no safe place.“

— Lin Yu-fang Taiwanese politician 1951
Lin Yu-fang (2016) cited in " China military flights 'a warning,' say lawmakers http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/china-taiwan-relations/2016/12/12/486486/China-military.htm" on The China Post, 12 December 2016

Frank Hsieh photo

„We (Taiwan and Mainland China) may not share the same history, but we could have a common destiny and future.“

— Frank Hsieh Taiwanese politician 1946
Frank Hsieh (2013) cited in " Hsieh wraps up cross-strait forum in HK http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2013/07/01/2003566053" on The Taipei Times, 1 July 2013.

Noel Coward photo

„In Hong Kong
They strike a gong
And fire off a noonday gun
To reprimand
Each inmate
Who's in late.“

— Noel Coward English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer 1899 - 1973

„... if the Legislative Council really ends up with no representatives of industry and commerce, then it is possible that these sectors will comprehensively divest from Hong Kong.“

— Gordon Wu Hong Kong businessman 1935
Original:…如果立法會最終真係無工商界的代表,工商界可以唔同你玩,全面撤資囉。 Source: 胡 應 湘 : 爭 拗 至 2047 都 無 普 選 http://www.hkreporter.com/talks/viewthread.php?tid=870295&page=1