„In general, most animals are exclusively breast-fed until they have tripled their birth weight, which in human infants occurs around the age of one year. In no mammalian species, except for the human (and the domestic cat), is milk consumption continued after the weaning period. Calves thrive on cow milk. Cow milk is for calves.“

—  Frank Oski, p. 4
Frank Oski6
American pediatrician 1932 - 1996

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„The children eat and wriggle and laugh,
The two old ladies stroke their silk;
But the cat is grown small and thin with desire,
Transformed to a creeping lust for milk.“

—  Harold Monro British poet 1879 - 1932
"Milk for the Cat", line 17, from Alida Monro (ed.) Collected Poems (London: Duckworth, [1933] 1970) p. 163.

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