„“You know, my dear, you’re wrong that suffering ennobles people.” She’d stopped to massage her hip, wincing. “It simply makes one cross.”“

— Gregory Benford, Nooncoming, p. 100 (Originally published in Universe 8, edited by Terry Carr), 1978

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W. Somerset Maugham photo
Christiaan Barnard photo

„Suffering isn't ennobling, recovery is.“

— Christiaan Barnard South-African physician 1922 - 2001
New York Times, April 28, 1985; as quoted in A Speaker's Treasury of Quotations by Michael C. Thomsett and Linda Rose Thomsett (McFarland, 2009), p. 111 https://books.google.it/books?id=igYyBgAAQBAJ&pg=PA111.

Robert Sheckley photo

„I know you’re sane and you know you’re sane. But what if we’re both wrong?“

— Robert Sheckley American writer 1928 - 2005
Death of the Dreammaster (published in Martin H. Greenberg (ed.) The Further Adventures of Batman (1989), p. 24

Канье Уэст photo

„The music and the clothing are just as important. That's what makes you hip hop. You show people that you're hip hop by what you wear.“

— Канье Уэст American rapper, singer and songwriter 1977
2013 Interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S78tT_YxF_c

Noel Coward photo

„[On the phone] "My dear Jim's dead... No dear, he jumped off Waterloo Bridge - Yes, the one next to Charing Cross - No, no, no that's Blackfriars."“

— Noel Coward English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer 1899 - 1973
Early review, cited in Frank Muir's Book of Comedy Sketches.

Brandon Sanderson photo
John Constable photo

„But You know, Landscape is my mistress — 't is to her that I look for fame — and all that the warmth of the imagination renders dear to Man.“

— John Constable English Romantic painter 1776 - 1837
Letter to his future wife, Maria Bicknell (22 September 1812), as quoted in Leslie Parris and Ian Fleming-Williams, Constable (Tate Gallery Publications, London, 1993), p. 23

 Augustus photo

„My dear Tiberius, you must not give way to youthful emotion or take it to heart if anyone speaks ill of me; let us be satisfied if we can make people stop short at unkind words.“

—  Augustus founder of Julio-Claudian dynasty and first emperor of the Roman Empire -63 - 14 a.C.
Suetonius, Divus Augustus, paragraph 51. Translation: Robert Graves, 1957. Ut vides, klimaktera communem seniorum omnium tertium et sexagesimum annum evasimus. I have escaped, as you see, the common climacteric of all old men—my sixty-third year. Epistle to Caius Caesar (Aul. Gell. Noct. Att. xv. 7.), written on 23 September A.D. 1.

H. G. Wells photo
Frederik Pohl photo